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Delivery Info

Delivery info

At just Pills, we believe that purchasing sleeping pills on-line ought to be as easy and hassle-free as can be, that is why we’ve put together this straightforward guide that answers all the usually asked queries concerning the delivery of sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicines ordered on-line through our web site.

1. How my order will be packaged?

In order to make sure of our customers’ privacy, we always package all orders in plain brown envelopes that provide no indication regarding the medicines contained within and therefore the identity of the client.

2. How long will it take you to deliver the medicines?

The delivery time depends on your location. If you place an order on Saturday or Sunday then it’ll be shipped on the following Monday and you’ll receive it on Tues. Please submit orders before 12:00pm for next day delivery.

Please note that Just Pills might not be ready to ship to some countries because of import restrictions. If orders are placed from any such country, we will inform the client through email or call.

3. The expected delivery date has passed and I haven’t received my order, what ought to I do?

While Just Pills takes every measure to make sure of the timely deliveries of orders placed by our customers, delays could arise because of many reasons, like late delivery from suppliers, delays caused due to public holidays, and delays that occur due to problems faced by the postal system. Additionally delays can arise from incomplete delivery details provided by the client and may cause delays or loss of products.

Please understand that we  can’t be held accountable for delays arising because of incorrect details submitted therefore you should be certain that the data you’ve provided at the time of order placement is correct and complete.

4. My order has been lost or delayed for a few days, what should I do?

Orders are classed as lost if they have not been delivered among after of the order placement. However, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays, therefore, we tend not begin investigations for a delayed order till an set amount of time has passed. It is the client’s responsibility to contact our customer support representatives if they haven’t received their order. we might not be able to issue a refund request if the procedure has not been properly followed by the client.

If you’ve got any queries concerning our delivery method, then please contact us.